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Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

A locksmith can help you get out of a locked room or car or get new keys made in case you have lost yours; but oftentimes, people get conned by the so-called locksmiths. Most people search the online directories to find local locksmiths, but most of them don't realise that many of those who advertise tout themselves might not even be trained as locksmiths.

So it is always recommended that you must research about a locksmith in advance and keep their contact details with you, so that you can get in touch in case of emergencies. However, it might so happen that you cannot access the details of the locksmith and you have to find a new one right away. So if you are in an emergency situation and have no other option but to choose a locksmith from the directory listings, here are some warning signs that will help you identity a locksmith scam

Look for Local Locksmiths

It is always preferable to work with local locksmiths. So if you are living in Yale, you must look for 'Yale locksmiths' on the Internet. Ask for the specific name of the company and the detailed address. If some service provider is reluctant to provide the actual name, keep your search on. Also check whether the address provided by the locksmith is used by any other business or not (use the Internet for checking).

Moreover, a local locksmith should use a local phone number; if it is a toll free number of something else, you must think twice.  

Check Licensure and ID of the Locksmith

On arrival, ask the locksmith to show his ID card. The ID card must contain the license number. Without that you can't trust any locksmith. If you have called upon one of the Yale locksmiths, he must have the license number, since 15b states including Connecticut required the locksmiths to the licensed. If they claim to be belonging from a place that does not require licensing, be sceptical.

Another sign of an authentic locksmith is that, they will ask the client for identifications to make sure they are unlocking a property that belongs to them.

Rock Bottom Rates

A dishonest locksmith company would offer unbelievably low quotes so that people agree to hire their services at once. But finally when you make the payment, you find that it was only a part of the entire bill. Unscrupulous locksmiths would add innumerable hidden costs to increase the billing amount. So it is always best to ask for exact quotes and also ask how much fluctuation (of the rate) should be expected. 

Also make sure you pay the locksmith through a cheque with the company name on it. If they insist on paying in cash, it should be a warning bell.

Even if you are stuck in an emergency situation, you must ask some specific questions to check whether you are hiring the right person or not. Remember, the locksmith would be tampering with the lock, which means your safety is at risk. So always make an informed choice.