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3 Tips for a locksmith to avoid getting cheated by a customer

3 Tips for a locksmith to avoid getting cheated by a customer:

There are various blogs and write-ups doing the rounds on the internet on how to avoid getting scammed by a locksmith. You will find thousands of tips for a home owner or a car owner to save themselves from getting cheated on by locksmiths. There are loads of information about how to keep your home, office or car safe and secure all the time.

Have you ever wondered, what if acriminalis trying to break into someone else’s house or steal someone else’s car by posing as a customer and duping the locksmith by using his knowledge and expertise?

Here is what you can do as a locksmith to save yourself from getting duped by a customer:

  1. Ask for a proof of residence: As a locksmith you must be getting many calls in a day from various customers from different locations. And, you could be just in hurry to attend all your customers as soon as possible. You should not forget toask for a valid proof of residence from your customers before you start working on their lock. They may not be able to show you one before you let them inside the house. However, you should make sure that you check and match their proof of residence while you collect their signature. With the kind of expertise you have, opening a lock for a customer may not take long for you; but it would surely take a lot of time to come out of the hassle, if you are scammed by a customer.

  2. Ask your customers to show their driver’s license: If you get a call from a customer stating that he has locked himself out of his car, you should ask him for his driver’s license before you start fixing his car lock. He may say that the keys are inside the car. In that case, you should check it once you unlock the car door for him. He may also say that he has lost his driver’s license. Then, you can also take the ID number of the customer as a proof. Make sure that you do not leave the place without collecting the customer’s signature and some valid documents as a proof of their identification.

  3. Call the cops: If the customers cannot produce the required documents, the ID number or if you find anything fishy while you are at the customer’s locationworking on the lock, you should immediately call the cops seeking help. Let the cops tackle the criminal while you ensure your safety.

Staying safe and secure is everyone’s prerequisite. Whether you are a property owner, a car owner or you are a locksmith, you should do your bit to stay safe and make sure that you never get duped by anyone around. And, if you still see or find anything untoward happening around you; you should inform the police and let them take over so that no criminal can get away with his actions.