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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

One thing that all homeowners are worried about is to keep their home safe from burglars. Almost 7.3million burglary cases are reported all round the year in UK. With recession hitting several parts of the world, burglary is becoming a major problem in many places. So it is very important to install systems that will help you keep your home safe and secured.
When thinking about saving your home from burglaries, there are many things to be considered. Most burglaries take place during the morning when people are out to work. However, you can save your home from burglars. Here are some quick solutions that will help you keep burglars at bay:
Don't Advertise Your Vacation on Social Media
It is always easy to loot a home that has no one in it. Burglars keep an eye on people who are planning vacations or will be out for a long time. Just like you, even burglars make use of today's technology to track people who will be leaving for holidays. So, if you flaunt your international trip on various social media sites, chances are you will be alluring burglars.
So the first thing you should do is, refrain from talking about your holiday plans on public platforms. Second, use light timers to switch on and off the lights, just the way you do it. You can also use timers on TV to turn it on, on regular intervals. Inform people and disconnect your telephone, so that it does not keep ringing and alert the burglars. Ask your neighbours to collect the newspapers and mails on your behalf.
Install Advanced Security Systems
With technological advancements, a number of security and lock systems have been introduced that allow you to keep track of your home even if you are away. Get in touch with professional locksmiths and inquire about the latest and safest security systems. In case, you didn't get the lock systems inspected for a long time, get them inspected by the local locksmiths immediately before leaving. Often, faulty lock systems fail to secure your home and make it easy for the burglars to break into the home. Check all entry points and make sure you install advanced security systems.
You can also install motion detectors to stop burglars breaking into your home. The alarm system starts whenever any movement is detected and it can alert the neighbours.
Take Help from Police
Police can help you prevent burglaries; just inform them that you will be staying away for some time and request them to drive past your property once in a while. Many police stations also offer free of charge inspection of your property to prevent crimes. So if any such service is provided by your local police station, make sure you take advantage of it.
Preventing your home from burglary is quite easy if you prepare in advance. So start making a checklist of things that you need to do before you leave home.