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Save Your Day with On Site Key Cutting Services

So the weekend is here and you've planned a day out with your family and kids! Everything is set but just as you head towards your car, you realise you didn't take the keys. You check the coat pocket, the key holder and everywhere but the keys are nowhere to be found. You ask everyone around, but they still can't be traced. This is when you realise that you have lost the car keys!

What would you do now? Cancel your trip? No way! Call an emergency locksmith that offers on site key cutting services and get new keys made. Prior to the 1990's it was very easy to get spare keys but with the advancement of car key technologies, it has become more difficult to find a replacement. However, there is nothing much to worry about since locksmiths offer a wide variety of solutions and it is possible to get new keys even if you have lost or damaged the original key.

Locksmiths can easily duplicate keys with help of advanced tools and machines and create any number of duplicates. Creating duplicates when you have lost the keys might cost you more but you can be sure that the new keys will work as good as the original one. Moreover, in case of an emergency situation the locksmiths have to rush to the site, regardless of the time, so it is wise to pay some extra money.

Methods of Car Key Cutting

Car keys are duplicated using two basic methods and they are:

  • Mechanical Key Cutting: This is the traditional method of key cutting which can be performed manually or with help of mechanical key cutting machine or a die punch. This method of key cutting is still prevalent since many people still drive old cars.
  • Laser Key Cutting: This is a modern method of key cutting and all the latest car models use laser cut keys. So the most experienced locksmiths would be able to duplicate laser cut keys.

So depending upon the model of car you drive, you must choose the locksmith. Ideally it is best to choose a locksmith who is capable to handle all kinds of keys, so that you can ensure the best outcomes.

Several new handheld devices have been invented that can electronically map the inside of the car locks and when connected to the computer, it generates the key codes, which help the locksmiths to create a perfect key. So when looking for emergency locksmiths make sure you check whether they are equipped with such advanced tools or not.

A word of caution: Be careful about the locksmith you hire. Whether the locksmith offers on site key cutting or creates the duplicate in his workshop, he will know the key code and can make as many duplicates as he wants to. So hire reputable and trustworthy locksmiths, to ensure safety and security of your vehicle.