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5 SimpleTips to Avoid Losing Your House Keys

5 SimpleTips to Avoid Losing Your House Keys:

House keys are the key to our home security. It is very important to keep them safe with you so that you don't end up losing them anytime. Losing your house keys will only add to a hassle as you will have to call a locksmith and wait for them to arrive at your location to fix the lock or make a duplicate key. This extra expense will add up to your monthly bill for sure. The thieves and burglars will always try to do their bit given the bare minimum chance to them. So, you will always have to be very careful about keeping your house keys at a safe place.

However, you can follow a few simple rules to keep your house keys safe with you:

1. Keep your house keys always with you when you are stepping out of your house. You can keep them secured in a purse or bag. You can also hang the key bunch by your belt if you do not carry a bag always. This will keep the keys handy. You may consider keeping your keys in your pocket as well. However, you will have to be very careful of not losing them.

2. You should never keep your keys at different places while in the house. This habit will make you look for the keys everywhere while going out. When you come back home you should always keep the keys at one place. This would allow you to remember and know for sure where your keys are while stepping out of the house.

3. You should never keep your house keys anywhere at your desk. You should always be keeping them at one place, preferably inside a chest or a cabinet attached to your desk. This will help you in remembering to take the key when you are stepping out of your office and heading towards your house.

4. If you carry a big bag while going out, and keep your key in that. You may often find it difficult in locating the key in the bag along with lots of other stuffs. You can attach the key to a big keychain to add volume to your key. This will let you locate the key easily in your bag even with so many other stuffs in it.

5. As a safety measure you can get one spare key beforehand and keep it handy for any unusual situation. However, you will have to be extra careful while keeping your spare key and ensure never losing that too.

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