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Situations When You Can't Do Without a Locksmith

One common concern among homeowners and business owners is safety and security. The best way to secure the space is by installing an advanced and reliable locking system. Various kinds of locks are available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. But what would you do if the lock gets damaged or the keys get stolen?

Commonly people consider lock replacement, even when rekeying can be an option. But it can be quite tough to decide whether to replace or rekey a lock. A reputed and reliable locksmith can help you identify whether to replace or rekey locks, but it is essential for the homeowners as well as the business owners to understand which option is the best for them to avoid being scammed.

We will help you make a wise decision and get the best value of money:

In most cases it is easier and cheaper to get a lock rekeyed; but there are instances when replacing the lock is the best option. Ideally if a lock gets damaged permanently or it reaches a stage where it can no more be repaired, it is best to replace it. Moreover, if you want to increase the level of security, lock replacement will be the best option.

Whereas, if the keys get damaged, it is best to get the lock rekeyed. Replacing locks would be too expensive in this case. Rekeying can also solves several problems such as the lubrication done during rekeying process makes the lock work smoothly and also gives improved key control to the owner of the property.

Replacing the locks is wise when:

  • The lock is broken or someone else previously had access to the lock and keys.
  • The lock is too old and it becomes difficult to find the parts required to repair it.
  • You require higher level of security to protect your property.
  • You want to improve the aesthetics of your home.

Rekeying is the best option when:

  • You move to a new apartment or house and need several pairs of keys.
  • The locks get compromised in case of attempted burglary or theft.
  • If the keys get damaged or lost.

However, it is best to take assistance from experienced locksmiths when deciding whether to replace or rekey locks. Locksmiths would assess your requirements and scrutinise the level of threat and then decide which option is best suited for you. Some manufacturers offer locks that have the provision of being rekeyed by the consumer themselves; but it is recommended not to take up a DIY lock replacement or rekeying project. The safety and security of your property might be at stake, if you fail to perform the job correctly.

Rekeying id definitely more cost-effective and easier than replacing a lock; but the kind of solution you require depends upon your specific situation. So in case you believe your lock has been tampered or it is malfunctioning, schedule an appointment with an experienced locksmith and ask him to evaluate the lock and make a recommendation.