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impact of social networking siteson your home security

Impact of Social Networking Siteson Your Home Security:

Nowadays, posting a picture on the social networking sites(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)or updating a status has become a regular practice for almost everyone. When youare travelling from one place to another, you put up a status on that. You even tag yourfamily and friends who travel along with you. This whole situation leaves you vulnerable to people who wants to keep a close track on your movements. They may take advantage of the situation of you being away from home for a long time.If you take a few preventive measures, even posting regularly on the social media sites would not have any bad impact.

Here is how you can keep your house safe from burglary while you are away for a long time:

1. Do not add anyone in your social media profile who you do not know: You should never add any unknown person in your social media profile. However, if you need to add unknown people for some reason, you can segregate your friends into various groups and share your personal information to only those who you know them personally.You can select the audience before you post something on the social media sites.

2. Lock all the doors and windows properly: Whenever you step out of your house, you should lock all the doors and windows properly. If you are going on a holiday, you should take extra precautions to ensure the safety and security of your house and all your belongings. You should install a high-end security and alarm system. You can also opt for a combination of ock system for added security.

3. Lock the garage door properly: Burglars always target the weak links to break open and do their work. Entering a house through the garage door is an easy option for them. So, to provide your house with optimum security and ensuring safety, you should use the best quality locks on your garage doors as well.

4. Ask someone to keep an eye: You can ask a friend, relative or a neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you are away from homeon some work or you are on a holidayfor a long time. They may keep you informed on anything if they see a breach on your house security system.

5. Overflowing mailbox:If you have a mailbox which is overflowing with letters, packets and newspaper, this means there is no one in the house for some time to clear the mails or take the newspapers home. This gives out a clear signal to the bad people around and they can plan out a burglary. You can ask the courier companies to hold the mails for some time and arrange for the pickup from their yard. You can also ask anyone who you trust, to pick up the mails and the newspaper regularly.

6. Do not leave your house spare keys anywhere out:You should always be very careful about carrying or keeping your house keys at proper place. You should never keep them anywhere out of your house door (under the door mat or under any pot outside your house) for any other family member or friends to get access to the keys for entering the house. If required, you may get a spare key made from a professional locksmith.

Keeping your house safe and secure is always a priority. You can take help from professional locksmiths to add extra security to your house.