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Situations When You Can't Do Without a Locksmith

Keeping our home and office secure is an important and integral part of our life. It is imperative to safeguard our valuables. However, there are threats of burglary and chances of breaking the equilibrium of the house or office by criminals.

A certified and commercial locksmith can give you the best security advice.

  • Keep your house or office keys in a safe place:

Do not keep the keys of your house or office lying around if you are using a conventional type of lock system. There are high chances of losing your keys that way. And this will leave you in an inconvenient situation. Only a professional locksmith would be able to help you during that time.

  • Invest in smart locks instead of the conventional ones:

Conventional keys are always a hassle to carry around. If you lose it at any point of time, you will have no other option than to call a locksmith to bail you out.And, if it happens during odd hours, the inconvenience would be manifold.

A smart lock on the other hand can be accessed via an access code; either by connecting it to your smartphone or by direct input.

  • Install a motion sensor based PIR lighting system:

PIR motion sensors come handy in leaving a burglar bewildered and run away. The thieves would not want to take chances in becoming more vulnerable to getting caught.

  • Install CCTV cameras for extra security of your home or office:

You can choose from an array of CCTV cameras available in the market. From a simple one to a high definition camera based on the area of your home or office.Day-night cameras are also a good option for a 24 hour recording. They work as normal cameras and record color images during the day time or whenever there is sufficient light and switch over automatically to B&W cameras when the light is less.

  • Install a security alarm system:

Security alarm system is an effective tool to keep your premises secure from burglary or unauthorized entry. An intruder will avoid a house with an alarm system installed.

  • Fix deadbolt locks on the outermost doors:

Install thick deadbolt locks on all the doors facing outside. Deadbolt locks are stronger and heavier in comparison to spring latch locks and provides remarkably more protection. However you can use a combination of deadbolt and spring latch locks for enhance protection.

  • Install commercial lock system for sliding glass doors and windows:

It is equally important to fix commercial lock system for all the sliding glass doors and windows. Install slide locking metal bars. An intruder will find it difficult to force open the sliding door or the window. You can also install burglar resistant glass; which is installing a number of small panes of glass compared to a single unit of glass.

  • Conceal all your house wiring:

Electric wiring on the exterior of the house can result in a security breach. The burglars will always find it easy to disable the entire security system by cutting off the wires. Concealed wiring is the best way to keep your house safe.

For anything else, call a twenty four hour - certified, commercial and professional locksmith.